Appliance Repair Service

Appliance Repair - A Cut Above The Rest

When your important home appliances just aren’t working right, don’t call just any repair service.

Call the seasoned repair veterans at Eastern Oklahoma Appliance. You can trust our service because all of our technicians are certified and fully trained to repair all major brands of home appliances. Only a special type of repair serviceman gets to wear the Eastern Oklahoma Appliance uniform.

We don't just fix the important appliances in your home; we provide peace of mind that everything in your household is running efficientlly and safely.

To be part of our team, you must have years of experience, specialized training, certification, and you must be a friendly, customer service-oriented individual. This is why you can fully trust our team.

Our standards are high and we hold our work to the same stringent criteria. Here is what our appliance repair team can do for you:

Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerator repair is essential to your daily life. A refrigerator that will not cool causes meat to spoil and beverage to turn warm, which could affect your health. Our EPA certified fridge repair is an easy solution and gets your unit cold to avoid food spoilage. As an affordable alternative to buying a new unit, our Checotah refrigerator repair enables you to store food with confidence once again.

Garbage Disposal Repair

What competent appliance repair service would be complete without knowledgeable garbage disposal repair work. Let us safely repair your garbage disposals for you.

However often you use your household appliances, and no matter what condition they may be in, they can benefit from the care and experience of our appliance repair service. Call us for appliance repair service today!

  • At Eastern Oklahoma Appliance, we don’t just fix the important appliances in your home; we provide peace of mind that everything in your household is running efficiently and safely.

    Don’t let faulty appliances waste your precious time and energy. When something breaks down in your home, call the friendly and helpful professionals at Eastern Oklahoma Appliance. There is no need to panic when the dryer is on the fritz or the microwave isn’t warming like it should. Just use our simple and affordable repair services available in Tulsa, OK.

    Your appliance woes can be put to rest quickly with the service you will receive when you call Eastern Oklahoma Appliance. When you hire us, you will never have to be without the important appliances in your life for very long.

    We have been in the appliance repair business for a long time and we are proud to say that there is no home appliance or machine that we can’t fully repair to working order, or better. You will never know that your appliances were defunct after our expert technicians get done with them.